DA-004HG 40MM 50MM 63MM 4 Layers Aluminum Herb Grinder

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This is Why You Need a Weed Grinder

In order to burn equally, cannabis flower must be adequately broken up. improperly ground weed will not burn or vape evenly. A weed grinder is a necessary accessory that acts as a shredder to break down your herb to its finest form.

Without a weed grinder, smokers break down their herb with their fingers. The problem is, herbs often sticky and covered with potent trichomes. The trichomes stick to your fingers reducing the potency of the broken down herb. It’s a messy and wasteful process of smoking, and if you were smoking with a group of people many of them wouldn’t want you picking with your nails on what they were going to be smoking.

There are many benefits to using a grinder. One such is it helps speed up and simplify the process of separating your herb. In addition, a weed grinder makes it easier to conserve herb by finely grinding it up for even burning or vaping.

When herb is ground efficiently, it can be packed more densely into a bowl or rolling paper. It’s also important to note that when the herb is exposed to less oxygen, it will burn less, so when you inhale you’ll (in theory) be getting more cannabinoids and less smoke.

A grinder is also a great tool to store your herb since you don’t necessarily have to smoke all your herb once it is ground up.



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